The quintessential British lifestyle brand, Aspinal of London, offer affordable luxury that accents, highlights and compliments every wardrobe choice.

Exquisitely crafted and made from the finest materials, Aspinal of London’s, now iconic, eyewear collections for men and women delivers unparalleled attention to detail – which perfectly reflects the exquisite styling and timeless British design that is consistently associated with Aspinal of London products - the fashion elite, celebrities, royal admirers and opinion formers covet Aspinal’s beautifully chic products.


Family Roots

Aspinal of London was established in 2001 by British entrepreneur Iain Burton with a vision to create a heritage brand using the best of British craftsmanship, luxury materials, bold use of colour and contemporary design that have all combined to create the Aspinal brand loved by its customers around the world. Aspinal has always been about family values and creating a strong sense of community amongst their team, their customers and the welcome you will receive when you visit one of the stores.


Prestigious Beginnings

Founder and Chairman, Iain Burton, was the original inventor and supplier of audio-guides to the world's most respected museums including the National Gallery, the Louvre, and the Vatican. This working partnership evolved into Aspinal, as they became the supplier of quality keepsake museum gifts with Iain selecting the best artisans to produce hand-crafted leather stationary. This quickly grew into the world-renowned quintessential English luxury brand Aspinal of London is today.


English Heritage

The English style is defined timeless through the collections of exquisitely crafted leather goods of the finest quality. This is at the heart of the brand and all that it stands for. Aspinal is an old English name, originating from the ancient term 'Aspen-well' meaning a copse of Aspen trees near a water well. They call themselves Aspinal of London as this represents nature, strength and generosity as depicted in the heraldic inspired logo. The feather refers to the beginning of the artisan hand-crafted stationary. 


Passion for Sustainability

Aspinal of London is proud to create timeless, long-lasting and responsible luxury. They are equally proud of their commitment to act consciously as a business to lessen our environmental impact and create positive change to the world we live in. They are refining the whole way of working to make Aspinal of London as sustainable a brand as they can make it. Their Sustainability Strategy, Bee Aspinal, details their commitments business-wide.


Bee Aspinal represents a Sustainability Strategy, based around four P’s: Planet, Partnership, People and Product. The design studios at Aspinal are aligned in their objectives, working harmoniously with a carefully selected portfolio of  sustainable manufacturing partners. 

Sunwear and optical models are identified as sustainable via a subtly inlaid bee motif at the tips. This represents the Bee Aspinal campaign which has redefined the luxury brand’s sustainability strategy around the Four P’s.